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Why take out a Pension Agreement for the Self-Employed?

Taking out a PASE as a self-employed person has several advantages. A Pension Agreement for the Self-Employed:

  • is fiscally advantageous: the premiums you pay into a PASE entitle you to a tax benefit of 30%,
  • results in an advantageous income tax: you only pay 10% tax upon the payout of your final capital at the statutory retirement age,
  • enables a pension accrual of up to 80% of your income: your total pension accrual may amount to up to 80% of your average income over the past three years.
  • provides financial protection for your next of kin: you can supplement your PASE policy with a death or disability insurance to prevent problems for your loved ones if your income is lost as a result of death, an accident or illness.

Why take out a Pension Agreement for the Self-Employed with Van Dessel?

Because of the many possible formulas, the tax optimisation of your pension insurance should be left to the experts. We will review how you and your company can enjoy maximum tax benefits every year. Moreover, there are numerous options for the insurance of your pension. Our team of specialists will be pleased to work with you, and find out which formula is the most beneficial for you.

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