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Why take out an IPC policy?

As an independent entrepreneur, you are busy with your own business every day, but you shouldn’t lose sight of your financial future. For example, how you can finance your further life once you retire. An IPC or Individual Pension Commitment is an individual life insurance policy for company managers, which can serve as a supplement to other types of (tax-based) pension saving. As a company manager, you can finance a supplementary pension capital for yourself in a tax-favourable manner through your company. The premiums are therefore paid by the company, making them 100% deductible as a business expense.

You can also use the savings balance of your group insurance or IPC policy for the purchase or renovation of your private real estate. There are various options nowadays, and we will be happy to guide you through them.

An IPC policy also provides financial protection for your next of kin. You can supplement your IPC policy with a death or disability insurance, which will prevent problems for your loved ones if your income is lost as a result of death, an accident or illness.

Why take out an IPC with Van Dessel?

Because of the many possible formulas, the tax optimisation of your pension insurance should be left to the experts. We will review how you and your company can enjoy maximum tax benefits every year. Moreover, there are numerous options for the insurance of your pension. Our team of specialists will be pleased to work with you, and find out which formula is the most beneficial for you.

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