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The rising sales figures show that electric cars are becoming increasingly common. The insurance market is struggling to meet this trend. Due to the high purchase price and expensive claims, only a few insurers are currently offering a fully-fledged insurance solution. We have closed that gap in the market with our VD Electric Vehicle Solutions.

Extended comprehensive insurance for your electric car

Our electric car insurance consists of a comprehensive insurance cover, in addition to the legally required Civil Liability. In this way, you are not only insured for the damage others have incurred in the event of an accident that you have caused, but also for your own damage.

It is important to mention, however, that this insurance only applies to a few exclusive models. Please contact our experts to find out whether your car is one of them.

Unique cover and conditions 

Our Electric Vehicle insurance offers very comprehensive coverage. It is also a transparent product without fine print, which avoids discussions.

Very competitive rates 

With regard to electric cars, Van Dessel specialises in insuring Teslas. This allows us to offer very competitive prices.  

Wondering how much an insurance will cost for your Tesla? Ask about your premium right away using the form below:

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