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Top-class sports require a special approach in terms of insurance 

On their way to the top, professional athletes demand the utmost from their bodies. Due to the intensity with which they practice their sport, injuries are almost impossible to prevent. But every professional athlete can also be affected by an illness or mundane accident. The substantial amounts of money that circulate in the world of top-class sports require special management of these risks.

Professional athletes want the guarantee that they can work on their recovery without financial worries and that they can live a comfortable life if they are forced to end their career. But professional sports clubs also want to be sure that they do not lose out financially if their athlete - their capital - cannot perform.  

100% protection against all your risks in the world of top sports

Thanks to our extensive experience in assisting professional sports clubs, professional athletes and their managers, we know better than anyone the risks involved in top-level sports. Our VD Sports Solutions insurance package is the translation of this. This solution protects professional athletes and clubs from all the specific risks of their profession.

Temporary disability insurance

As a professional athlete, you enjoy a certain legal protection if you are temporarily incapacitated for work. But after that period you fall back to the legal minimum, often resulting in a drastic loss of income. Temporary Disability Insurance helps make up the difference.

Permanent Disability Insurance

If you have to end your sporting career unexpectedly and prematurely, 'career-end insurance' will immediately provide you with capital so that you can live the first few years without financial worries.

Death Insurance

Transfer Value Insurance

The illness, accident or death of a top athlete also means a serious financial loss for his club. A Transfer Value Insurance safeguards the sports club in that case. 

Medical expenses

Due to the international nature of top-class sports, many professional athletes settle abroad, at a location that changes regularly. Good medical expenses insurance is in such a case not easy, because it depends on the country where you are domiciled. A frequently changing insurer will also negatively impact your premiums and conditions in the long run. Our insurance according to the 'chameleon principle' offers the solution: your policy is seamlessly adapted to the country in which you reside.

Our expertise translates into unique conditions

In a classical insurance policy, the compensation for disability is based on the principle of physiological disability (reduction of your physical integrity). This approach therefore does not take into account the nature of your profession. This is where top athletes get into trouble, because it is important for you to be able to practice your sport again at the highest level. That is why we choose compensation based on economic disability, because it is based on your physical readiness to perform your specific occupation.

In addition, we can offer an insurance contract with a term of several years, which gives you more certainty regarding long-term medical acceptance.

Why choose Van Dessel for the management of your insurances?

In recent years, many professional clubs and athletes have found their way to Van Dessel Insurance Brokers. Why us? 

  • With VD Sports Solutions you will not be offered standard insurances. By means of an in-depth audit we identify the risks that could jeopardise the future of your club or career. Based on the results, we will work with you to draw up an insurance plan that eliminates or minimises these risks.
  • Your insurance package is therefore tailor-made. Our advice is based on our own know-how and on the expertise of insurers who are very familiar with this specific segment. But your own input is also important to us: we write policies that take your personal situation into account.  
  • Our personal approach also guarantees you a rapid service. You only have one phone number: that of your contact. He knows your file in detail. This not only ensures that the contract negotiations run smoothly, but also that the procedures are initiated extremely quickly in the event of any cases of damage.
  • Because we are affiliated with various international networks, we can also guarantee you the same service and quality. A huge asset in the professional sports world, yet an international story par excellence. We provide global cover as standard that protects you everywhere.
  • Because, as an independent broker, we are not tied to one insurance company, we can survey the market and select the best insurance policies for your risks. We have been one of the top five independent brokers for years and because of that strong position can negotiate razor sharp rates.  
  • It is not only about making you a customer, but also about keeping you as a customer. By means of annual follow-up and any adjustments of your file, we permanently guarantee you the cover with the best price/quality ratio. Thanks to a clear inventory document, you also keep your finger on the pulse.
  • Our advice goes beyond the protection of the athlete and his activities. We also provide the insurance of your real estate properties, vehicles, …

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