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Which risks are covered by business interruption insurance?

Material damage to your property assets can slow down or completely halt your production process or activities. A situation of this kind inevitably results in lost turnover and could also lead to reputational damage or lost customers and market share. Serious damage could even jeopardise the continued existence/survival of your company.

The purpose of business interruption insurance is to compensate your business, which has been impacted by damage, in such a way that it is restored to the same financial circumstances it would have been in had the damage not occurred.

What should you pay attention to when you take out business interruption insurance?

Your business interruption insurance must cover the specific risks that your company faces as a result of its activities. That is why we focus specifically on analysing your risks and carefully check whether the conditions, limitations and exclusions of your business interruption insurance are appropriate. If not, we add extensions and our own clauses to guarantee the best possible protection.

It is also essential to determine insured capital correctly to ensure that you receive appropriate compensation in the event of damage.

What is the cost of business interruption insurance?

Several factors are taken into account when calculating your premium. The cost of business interruption insurance is determined, among other things, by the way in which you aim to protect lost turnover: with a daily allowance, a turnover allowance or an allowance based on an accounting formula. Our experts will be happy to explain the advantages and disadvantages of the various formulas. They can also be contacted at any time should you require a customised quotation.

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